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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A great weekend

This weekend my wonderful husband took me to TNA Fan Interaction and TNA Lockdown in St.Charles, MO. It was such an awesome time. Because of my husband I got to meet my favoraite two wrestlers of all time, Jeff Hardy and Hulk Hogan. There are many more pictures from this weekend of myself, my husband and all the wrestlers but these are the ones that I like the most. I had an awesome time and it was worth the money and time, even the aching feet that we got because of standing on our feet for many hours to get their autographs.

Jeff Hardy, Myself, And Shannon Moore.
My Husband And Myself
Hulk Hogan And Myself
My Husband And Sting
Myself And Rick Flair
My Husband And Rick Flair
Scott Hall, Myself, Kevin Nash, And My Husband
Myself And Dixie Carter
My Husband, Myself, And Kurt Angle
Mr. Anderson...Anderson, And Myself

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