I am a mother of 3 they are my life and my world and the reason I do everything that I do :)

Friday, August 31, 2012

Time Needs To Slow Down

Well I never knew what my mom meant when she said time goes by and kids grow up too fast. I cant believe my children are growing as fast as they are. My oldest is in 3rd grade already my middle child is in 2nd and my baby started pre-k this year. And my little diva just walks away when we drop her off at school like its no big deal. But that means I did my job and she is not stuck up mommy and daddys butt. LOL To me that means that she will just an dependent young lady. In just a few weeks my fiancee and I will be getting re-married :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A wonderful life

Well life is been going great. :) My boys both just celebrated now my oldest is 8 years old and my youngest son is 7 years old. School will be starting really soon. All my kids are so excited. We went shopping at Kentucky Oaks Mall for school clothes and shoes. Both my boys picked out some cool clothes and for their shoes well they are different. My oldest picked out some high tops that are lime green and blue and just different, and my youngest son he picked out some sketchers that are black and lime green. My daughter really wanted some twinkle toes but they don't sell them in her size :( She was soo upset(that's the diva coming out in her) well the sales man he was really great and I couldn't have asked for a better one he brought out some puma shoes like mine except they are teal, and well my daughter was sold when he told her they would make her run faster than her brothers lol. She also picked out some cute clothes and well can tell she is going to be a clearence shopper when she is older since all the clothes she bought was on clearence lol but I am not very happy with one store, because she picked out this one outfit that she fell in love with because it has butterflies on it it was a skirt and shirt outfit and well we realized when we got home that there was a hole in the skirt I called the store about it and well they will not take it back out anything because it was on clearence, I have personally never heard of that. But it's okay because with her finding all the clothes she wanted on clearence she was under her budget and we can go buy her more. I can not believe my baby girl will be starting school this year. She is growing up way too fast, and she is just soo smart, she can count to 10 on her own knows all her colors except white and black, she is now trying to learn how to swim, and even recognize her name :) I can not wait in only 65 days ryne and I will be getting remarried on Daytona beach :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers day and birthday!!!!

Well Friday was my youngest nieces 2nd birthday. I can't believe she is already 2. She is her nana's baby girl. She had an awesome party Elmo themed of course since she is a huge Elmo fan! She gots lots of Elmo stuff and other things her favorite of course is what her nana and uncle ryne got her a Elmo drum set. But her mommy and daddy sure wasn't happy about it lol... Well tomorrow is fathers day and well we will just have a blast. We are going out for breakfast then we will also being going to thinner leage baseball game here. Where ryne and the kids will be able to go and play catch won the field with the players after the game but before the game we will all be having a picnic with the players. Ryne gots fathers day presents today because he got to pick them out he got a new baseball glove(we all actually got them because we'll we are a baseball family and we all love playing and watching) he also got a baseball DVD. The boys have already made plans for their birthday party. They both decided they want their party on the 4th if July, so we went and got a couple hundred dollars in fireworks to t off, well me ryne and our friend JD went in together to buy them, not only are they going to have fireworks they are having a cookout and swimming and who knows what else they decide they want. But they are our baby boys and they get what they want just as long with our daughter.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Time

Well it's summer vacay here and we are LOVING every minute of it :) The kids got a new swimming pool, our daughter got a little battery operated four wheeler and the boys got a new ps3. Ryne and I have everything for our Daytona beach wedding. Which everyone is so excited about it. The kids and I are taking Ryne to ST. Louis zoo for fathers day. And staying at a hotel there saturday. We got a letter from the school because our daughter will start pre-k this coming fall. Which is also VERY exciting.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

WOW! What a week!!!

Well it was one LONG week for me. I found out 2 weeks ago my "grandma babcock" was probably not going to make it through the night well she did, but on March 24th she lost the long battle to cancer. The reason I put "grandma babcock" is because she is really not my grandma. My sister and I have different fathers and she is my sisters fathers mother. Well the day before my 5th birthday my real father walked out of my life and my sisters dad did not want me to go without a father in my life, so he asked my mom if I could also start going on visits to his house my sister went and my mom allowed me. And he basically adopted me not legally but he treated me just like a real father would. Well his family also felt the same way. Well we had to make the trip up north to Green Bay, WI for the funeral. It was the first time we had seen that side of the family in about 16 years. But it was like we picked up right where we left off! It was so comfortable there and everything. I started remembering going to their house when I was little and all the little things we use to do as a family like inner tubbing fishing going to the zoo and picnics and all different things like that. Then I remember the Christmas that Grandma Babcock gave me the blanket she had made for me herself and to this day I still have that blanket and now my daughter uses that blanket and cherishs it just as I did. Even though we had to go up north on another sad trip we had some fun. My uncle Chuck took us to the Lambeau Field(where the Green Bay Packers Play) that was almost the most awesome thing ever! Since I am a HUGE packers fan :) Then a couple days after we were home a person I thought was my friend called and told me her and her 3 yr old daughter got kicked out and had no place to go cept the streets and I could not let that baby sleep on the streets so we let her and her daughter and her boyfriend stay here, then when it was time to leave today her and her boyfriend got into a fight and as I was dropping him off he informed be that she stole my camera. I am very upset about this because I thought she was my friend someone I could trust not only that we were kind enough to open our doors to her for a night til she could find somewhere else to stay and she stole from me. Yes it will be replaced but it should not have to be. Well thankfully I was able to get my pictures off the camera before it got stolen and here are some of them :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fun Time At The Park

Life Changes

Well it has been a while since I have wrote anything! A lot has been going on. I will pick up from when I last posted which was right before Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas and Santa was very nice to the kids. In January Ryne and I decided to get re-married the date was supposed to be April 14, 2012.(Will get into why its later in a little bit). February was a very hard month on my family. First on February 4th one of my little cousins lost the battle with schizophrenia. He was only 18 years old and has been having really bad issues with the schizophrenia since he was 13 and decided to end his life. This was a really sad day for the family. The next day was Ryne's 27th birthday which we had a great time because it was also superbowl sunday so we had a super bow/birthday party :) On the 21st on February my little girl turned 4 years old:( she is getting so big and growing up soo fast. She had an awesome birthday party :) On February 29 2012 our small town got hit by an F4 tornado and sadly my familys house and also my in laws house was hit by this. It was one of the scariest things I have EVER been thru in my life. My poor children are still having a hard time dealing with this. Our home and vehicle got totaled our in this storm. Which was very heartbreaking. So we had to move from our home. We ended up buying a bigger home(which yes we did need but didnt want to have to do in the circumstances that we did). Our children seem to like this home A LOT better than the old home, but there were MANY memories made there. Last Sunday was Easter sunday and we had a great Easter with LOTS of food and loved ones :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Been A While

Well it sure has been a long time since I have blogged :( Life has been pretty crazy here lately. My husband and I ended up splitting up and getting a divorce but in the end we ended up back together :) Maybe one day we will get re-married but only time will tell. Everything happens for a reason and only God has the answers. There was also another birth in my family, my step sister gave birth to a handsome little guy in July. After 2 long years of not being able to find a job my step father finally found a great job :) I am really going to try to post more often :)