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Monday, July 26, 2010

Back To School

With August almost here, my boys are getting very excited as they get to go back to school. My oldest will be entering the 1st grade, and my youngest boy will be entering kidnergarden, and he is very excited about it. I recently got the school lists from our local walmart to see where my budget needs to be with school supplies and school clothing. We are very lucky that we get the school tax day here in Illinois, where August 6th through August 15th, there is no tax on school items and clothing on purcheses under 100.00, so how to pull of getting everything I need at one time for both children under 100.00?
1. get the generic crayons, markers, siccors, pencils, erasers, ect. they are just has good as the name brand and also you can get more for the price you get the more expensice ones for.
2. for clothing, my youngest gets lucky and gets all the old clothing from my oldest son, well the ones that are not too worn out. for more clothing i shop thrift!
3.shoes we buy them right before summer when they are on sale. we always buy them a little big so they have room to grow.

this is my list, how does yours look?

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