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Monday, June 28, 2010

Top Ten (Tuesday)Reflecting On My Grandmother On Her Birthday

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My Grandmother has passed away 3 years ago it will be 4 years in November. She was my very best friend and my most faviorate person in the world! This past Saturday(6-26) would have been my grandmothers 84th birthday. So on this day, I dedicate the whole day to her, we make the same things she use to make, including chicken n dumplings, real mashed potatoes, green beens, and her great grandmothers cheese tort(kinkda like cheese cake). Also unfortantley my children never got to meet my grandmother, so we go through pictures of my grandmother that I have, and these have been my childrens favoriate pictures of her.
This is something I made on imikimi.com and have it printed and hanging above each of my childrens beds.

This is my Grandmother and my Uncle Jonny whom she joined in heaven.
This is from my first Christmas her sittin on her eldest sons lap while he plays Santa for all the children
This would be my grandmother and my grandfather whom she joined in heaven
My grandmother on her wedding day
My grandmother with all her sisters and brothers
My grandmother and my great grandpa whom she also joined in heaven
This is a very special picture it was taken on my grandmothers birthday not only did we throw her a huge birthday party but her best present was her youngest child her son coming home from The Persian Gulf War
Grandma in the kitchen it was her favoriate place to be
My mother, my sister, myself, and of course grandma
my grandmother and my sister


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  2. Awesome. You know I love old pictures. The one from her wedding is AMAZING. What a treasure!