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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh No He Didnt Tuesdays

Welcome to “OH NO HE DIDN’T” TUESDAY, a super awesome blog carnival created by Kristi at Live and Love…Out Loud. Click on over to her blog to find out what made her and everyone else stop and say “OH NO HE DIDN’T!”

My husband and myself and my mother in law decided to take a vacation to Disney World and Universal Studios this September and October. As we already have the money put back. For we have already booked our hotel and just have to buy tickets now. While everyone knows that this is what this money is for, and how much my children are looking forward to it, a friend of mine calls me out of the blue, makes small talk for about 30 minutes then he ask hey can I borrow $20.00 til Thursday I need cigarettes and some beer. I tell him we only have enough for my husbands gas money for work til he gets paid next. He gets quiet for a moment then he pops the big question, can't you just take it out of your vacation money? Well that just pissed me off, this guy is supposed to be like my brother. My children call him their uncle and he stayed at the hospital with me the night my daughter was born. So I just let him have it, and let him know how much he has really upset me. He tells me its no reason to get upset and hangs up on me. So of course I figure that's the end of that, but not even 5 minutes later he calls me back and asks "So can I?" my reply was..."Oh no you didn't!!!" and hung up the phone!


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  4. hahaha, very persistent? and he knows you have money, which is why.. thanks for dropping by and following back.

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    How unbelievably rude of him! I can't believe the audacity that some people have. How you didn't lose your cool while talking to him is beyond me.
    Thanks for stopping by and playing along with OH NO HE DIDN'T! Tuesday. Have a fabulous day Amanda.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

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  8. How rude! Especially since it was just for beer and cigarettes.

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  9. Holy crap, I'd of let him have it too! We have 4 kids & I know EXACTLY what it's like to have "just enough for the hubby to have gas to get to work" until the next pay....peopla kinda suck sometimes! We too scraped together just enough for Disney a couple yrs ago, took us 2 years to sneak it aside little by little!

  10. That IS unbelieveable. It wasn't even like it was for an emergency or anything!! Wow. I hope he comes to his senses and sends you flowers soon!!

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  12. Wow, he has some big brass ones calling back and asking you again! I don't know why I'm constantly amazed at the ridiculous things people do, but I am.

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