I am a mother of 3 they are my life and my world and the reason I do everything that I do :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

This Weekend I...


This weekend I...
-set up kids pool
-went swimming with kids
-cleaned entire house
-enjoyed keepin my 13 day old niece for a couple hours
-enjoyed catching up with an old friend of mine and meeting his new girlfriend
-bought a new bed
-set up husbands game room(he gets to share with laundry room)


  1. Well, holding that bitty babe was a highlight I know. What fun! And swimming with the kids! I can remember stuffing myself into a tiny kiddie pool with my boys . If anyone had seen me I'd have been very embarrassed :)

    Thanks for joining in.

  2. New beds are wonderful! So is holding babies. Sounds like a great weekend!