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Monday, June 14, 2010

Fathers Day

With fathers day coming up very soon, I will be posting a lot of my step father and the father to my children, with pictures, poems, and even songs. I hope all that read my blog will enjoy! And here is my very one.

Here is a few poems that I think fit my step father perfectly:

Stepfathers Are No Less Than Those of Blood
Stepfathers are no less than those of blood:
The spirit is more comely than the flesh.
Equally, two mysteries might mesh,
Paired by nature or by neighborhood
Fathers are defined by how they love,
And not by how they multiply or breed.
Though you did not supply the primal seed,
How you've loved me does your kinship prove.
Each child must turn when life's too hard to bear,
Regarding someone's arms or empty air.
So do I turn, and always you are there.

My Dear Stepdad
To me you are a
Priceless commodity
A wealth of wisdom
You've been to me
If I have thoughts
I need to share
Always I know
That you will care
I always enjoy the things
We do together
When done with you
They’re always better
You always have
An open mind
A better stepdad
I could never find

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