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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dinner Tonight

Hawaiian Burgers
Things you will need:
5 hamburgers(you can use the pre made or you can make your own)
5 hamburger buns(I use the hawaiian style)
5 sliced pinapples

How to cook:
you can either cook on the grill or stove top, I personally love to cook on the grill... first you cook your burgers til they are completely done. Next you want to cook your pineapples. Then you just assemble your burger... Complete with any sides that you and your guests or family would enjoy!!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by. Your burgers look yummy!

  2. This sounds SO good Amanda! Wow.

    Did you link to I Heart Faces by accident? I don't see your post for play.

  3. no i did not i have been tryin to put up my post but it will not let me