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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

WOW! What a week!!!

Well it was one LONG week for me. I found out 2 weeks ago my "grandma babcock" was probably not going to make it through the night well she did, but on March 24th she lost the long battle to cancer. The reason I put "grandma babcock" is because she is really not my grandma. My sister and I have different fathers and she is my sisters fathers mother. Well the day before my 5th birthday my real father walked out of my life and my sisters dad did not want me to go without a father in my life, so he asked my mom if I could also start going on visits to his house my sister went and my mom allowed me. And he basically adopted me not legally but he treated me just like a real father would. Well his family also felt the same way. Well we had to make the trip up north to Green Bay, WI for the funeral. It was the first time we had seen that side of the family in about 16 years. But it was like we picked up right where we left off! It was so comfortable there and everything. I started remembering going to their house when I was little and all the little things we use to do as a family like inner tubbing fishing going to the zoo and picnics and all different things like that. Then I remember the Christmas that Grandma Babcock gave me the blanket she had made for me herself and to this day I still have that blanket and now my daughter uses that blanket and cherishs it just as I did. Even though we had to go up north on another sad trip we had some fun. My uncle Chuck took us to the Lambeau Field(where the Green Bay Packers Play) that was almost the most awesome thing ever! Since I am a HUGE packers fan :) Then a couple days after we were home a person I thought was my friend called and told me her and her 3 yr old daughter got kicked out and had no place to go cept the streets and I could not let that baby sleep on the streets so we let her and her daughter and her boyfriend stay here, then when it was time to leave today her and her boyfriend got into a fight and as I was dropping him off he informed be that she stole my camera. I am very upset about this because I thought she was my friend someone I could trust not only that we were kind enough to open our doors to her for a night til she could find somewhere else to stay and she stole from me. Yes it will be replaced but it should not have to be. Well thankfully I was able to get my pictures off the camera before it got stolen and here are some of them :)

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