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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A wonderful life

Well life is been going great. :) My boys both just celebrated now my oldest is 8 years old and my youngest son is 7 years old. School will be starting really soon. All my kids are so excited. We went shopping at Kentucky Oaks Mall for school clothes and shoes. Both my boys picked out some cool clothes and for their shoes well they are different. My oldest picked out some high tops that are lime green and blue and just different, and my youngest son he picked out some sketchers that are black and lime green. My daughter really wanted some twinkle toes but they don't sell them in her size :( She was soo upset(that's the diva coming out in her) well the sales man he was really great and I couldn't have asked for a better one he brought out some puma shoes like mine except they are teal, and well my daughter was sold when he told her they would make her run faster than her brothers lol. She also picked out some cute clothes and well can tell she is going to be a clearence shopper when she is older since all the clothes she bought was on clearence lol but I am not very happy with one store, because she picked out this one outfit that she fell in love with because it has butterflies on it it was a skirt and shirt outfit and well we realized when we got home that there was a hole in the skirt I called the store about it and well they will not take it back out anything because it was on clearence, I have personally never heard of that. But it's okay because with her finding all the clothes she wanted on clearence she was under her budget and we can go buy her more. I can not believe my baby girl will be starting school this year. She is growing up way too fast, and she is just soo smart, she can count to 10 on her own knows all her colors except white and black, she is now trying to learn how to swim, and even recognize her name :) I can not wait in only 65 days ryne and I will be getting remarried on Daytona beach :)

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