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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers day and birthday!!!!

Well Friday was my youngest nieces 2nd birthday. I can't believe she is already 2. She is her nana's baby girl. She had an awesome party Elmo themed of course since she is a huge Elmo fan! She gots lots of Elmo stuff and other things her favorite of course is what her nana and uncle ryne got her a Elmo drum set. But her mommy and daddy sure wasn't happy about it lol... Well tomorrow is fathers day and well we will just have a blast. We are going out for breakfast then we will also being going to thinner leage baseball game here. Where ryne and the kids will be able to go and play catch won the field with the players after the game but before the game we will all be having a picnic with the players. Ryne gots fathers day presents today because he got to pick them out he got a new baseball glove(we all actually got them because we'll we are a baseball family and we all love playing and watching) he also got a baseball DVD. The boys have already made plans for their birthday party. They both decided they want their party on the 4th if July, so we went and got a couple hundred dollars in fireworks to t off, well me ryne and our friend JD went in together to buy them, not only are they going to have fireworks they are having a cookout and swimming and who knows what else they decide they want. But they are our baby boys and they get what they want just as long with our daughter.

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