I am a mother of 3 they are my life and my world and the reason I do everything that I do :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

oh what a day

Autumn had her 15 month check up yesterday, and well she is 19lbs 04 oz. and 26in long. She is growing but not as fast as others her age, she is going to be a small child apparently, she also at the 2 yr old level, so that is pretty exciting. She did the cutest thing the other day, she was hitting my sister Evelyn and well my mom started to get on to her and before she could finish what she was saying Autumn plugged her ears so she could not hear my mom. All the fighting around here has stopped as far as I know. So that is better than what has been going on around here. One of my husbands friends are suppose to be moving in tomorrow so I am cleaning, cleaning, and some more cleaning all day. I pretty much lost a good friend of mine, because well she had her opinion on something and I didnt want to take her advice. My children have a lot of clothing and I do mean a lot. They are young so they kinda need a lot for messes, spills, play clothes, nice clothes, ect. Well she suggested that I should get rid of all their clothing except for 4 outfits each, well I find that kinda stupid and she got mad because I told her I cant do that because of the fact I like them having clothing so that they have nice clothing and play clothing. I just dont understand why she got so mad just because I didnt take her advice but oh well I guess. They are my kids and I clean my house and do my laundry not her so she shouldnt really care.


  1. Oh gosh...she got pissy cuz you didn't take her advice on laundry...begone woman...childish if you ask me. Glad you told her how the cow eats cabbage :) Aloha

  2. Wow, that is a bit over the top of your friend!! Does she even HAVE kids?? I mean, no matter how old they are, 4 isn't enough!! They can go through that many in one day! How many loads of laundry should one person do a day?? Seriously. Sorry she got all uptight about such a little thing! =(

  3. I'm dropping by to say hi from annies home.

  4. Hi Amanda! Hope your day is going good =)
    Just dropping by to say hi ...coming over from Annie's =)


  5. Came over from Annie's! Wanted to say hi!
    PS- That is silly that your friend got mad over something so small.

  6. Hi Amanda! Hope all is well Coming from Annie's :)