I am a mother of 3 they are my life and my world and the reason I do everything that I do :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Great day regardless of...

I am so proud of my niece Krystina, she did it she graduated. We had such a great day. Me and my little ones went over to my sister in laws house had a cookout, got to spend time with the family. But of course there was a fight because a brother in law of mine, the one that always likes to start drama. But that is ok, because he did not ruin our fun. I am so proud of the way Krystina handled the fight that happened, because I know that in the past she would have stayed upset, this person would have got his way and ruined her day, but she just said whatever and went on. She has grown up so much in the 2 years that I have known her and I am so proud of her. I just wish they wouldnt move away because once they do its going to be me against other people and I'm going to miss them. Not only is Angie my sister in law, she is my best friend. We have had our fights, we have said hurtful things, but we got over them. This is one friendship I can honestly say will never fade away. I love her to death, as well as her husband, and all her children, and her ganddaughter. I wish Susan, Matt, and Katelynn would live closer to us, I love being around them. But they dont so I cherrish all the time I get to spend with them. I wish that all the fighting would just stop for good, so we could all enjoy good times together. I know that will never happen though because once a fight starts someone always has to keep it going so that he is the only one that feels good, well he can go sit on it... Not only does this cause my husband and other family members that I am very close to and that are very special to me to fight it always makes others not involved hurt.


  1. I feel that you are one of my best friends as well. I am very happy that we are great friends I loved you being here to spend this wonderful occasion with me. Thank you very much. As you know me and Roy think of your husband as someone closer than a brother. We hope that he will come around and we will be that family that we both dream of

  2. Congrats on your niece. Isn't family just grand :)