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Friday, July 17, 2009

life goes on

this past week has been very hard, my 2 step sons went to visit their real mother for a whole week and i miss them so much. yes i have enjoyed the time with my daughter but it is just not the same without them here. there is once again a fight between the family but nothing is going to change the way people think, for the reason i took my daughter to chuck e cheese after a friend of mine called and asked me and all 3 kids to go with her and her daughter but the 2 boys were with their real mother, but as for some see i just sent the boys off to do things with my daughter. but since the boys have been gone that is the only thing i have done with my daughter like that. but as my title says life goes on. my oldest step son turned 5 on the 6th and i really cant believe it, its kinda crazy he starts kidnergarden just next month, and i really hope he likes it. my youngest step son will be 4 on tuesday he has grown and changed so much from the 1st time i seen him, i am so proud of him, he is talking alot more, doing a lot more for himself, put now if we could only get the potty training down we would be doing GREAT..LOL.. he will get it when he is ready and there will be a huge party waiting for him when he does. they are having so much fun with their mom and gma sara but the oldest told me he cant wait to come home cuz he misses me and his sissy... i know his sissy misses them, all week she has walked around the house yellin for ayton(payton) and bubby(lil ryne) my hubby and myself have been getting along a lot better well thats all for now

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